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We know the power of great communication

Looking for brand awareness for your creative projects? Want to build your audience or let the people know about your latest release or upcoming shows? New customers for your travel service, hospitality venture or amazing attraction? Wider reach for your sparkling ideas? All of that and more?

Specialising in the arts & entertainment, travel and hospitality.


Captivating copywriting
Engaging editorial
Energetic EDMS
Wonderful web copy
Click-worthy suites of social content
Exemplary editing
Winning creative writing
Beautiful blog posts

Public Relations

Professional PR and promotion
Precision press releases
Legendary launches
Proficient press kits & artist bios
Upright unit publicity
Creative crowdfunding campaigns
Momentous mailouts
Covetable contacts!

That’s just the start of what we at Tales of a City do. Consider us the communications team for your creative endeavours, or an extension of it. We hear you, understand you and are ready and waiting to help you. That's because we are creatives ourselves and have walked in your shoes as well as walked beside legends just like you! The Tales of a City MO is finding the essence of your communication needs and distilling it into the best possible messaging for your mission, in order to create traction and motivate customer action.

We’re professional above all else, but you’ll find us fun to deal with, too, because life’s too short not to enjoy your work and the people you work with!

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Tales Of A City

A communications agency specialising in the arts & entertainment, travel and hospitality.

PO Box 6068, South Yarra 3141, Victoria, Australia